Castles and tradition on the Costa Dorada, Tarragona

Castles and tradition on the Costa Dorada, Tarragona

Are you looking for original activities during your visit to the Costa Dorada? We propose a trip to the past by visiting the medieval castles that are scattered throughout Tarragona. These castles have witnessed the passage of time and history for several centuries. They are architectural anchors that enchant and thrill all five senses. If you decide to invest in a luxury home at the INFINITUM resort, you’ll enjoy the privilege of having these historic landmarks almost on your doorstep. Explore all the different medieval castle trails on the Costa Dorada!

Medieval castles to visit near the Costa Dorada

The rich cultural heritage of the province of Tarragona is recognised worldwide. Throughout its extensive history, this region has left a legacy of emblematic monuments that span various eras. Allow us to introduce you to some of these treasures that transport us to their fascinating medieval past.

Castell de Miravet

Atop a hill, looking down over the town of the same name, stands this castle, one of the best examples of Knights Templar architecture. From the shore of the Ebro River, the castle gives us an impressive image fit for a postcard.

Castell de la Santa Creu

Also known as Calafell Castle, simply because it can be found at the heart of this old town, it is an 11th century Romanesque-style construction. This fortification played an important role as a border point between the Franco Empire and Al-Andalus. 

Castell Monestir d'Escornalbou 

This stately mansion renovated at the beginning of the 20th century is located in Riudecanyes and integrates remains of the old Monastery of Sant Miquel (1153), of which the Romanesque church, remains of the chapter house, and the structure of the cloister are preserved, as well as a medieval castle.

Castell de Vilafortuny

This castle located in Cambrils was a defensive and military fortress dating back to the 12th century. Although it has been extensively restored and retains very few original elements from medieval times, its history is well documented. 

Castell Del Comte Sicart

Another 12th century construction is the Castle of Count Sicart, or Vila-seca Castle. Throughout its history it has passed through several hands. In 1899 it came to Isidre de Sicart i Torrents who ordered it to be renovated in the neo-Gothic style that we can see today.

Castell Creixell

An imposing, three-storey castle with a polygonal form. In the 16th and 17th centuries its defensive system was reinforced to prevent pirate attacks; a military structure that is still evident today.  

Castell de Vila-Rodona

Its origin dates back to the year 1150. Throughout these centuries, it has changed ownership several times and has undergone various modifications. Located in one of the highest parts of Vila-rodona, it offers beautiful panoramic views of the town.

Rourell Templar Castle

The Fortí del Rourell, as it is known today, is a 12th century Templar castle. Although privately owned, it is possible to visit with a prior reservation. From the outside we can see its medieval-style windows and door.

Castell Querol

This castle dates back to the 10th century and was destroyed in 1835, during the First Carlist War. It is currently in ruins, but some interesting features are still preserved, such as the remains of circular towers.

Tower of the Nuns

Also known as The Monk’s Tower, it forms part of a wall. This impressive 18-metre-high tower can be found on the route that runs through the medieval monuments of the city of Tarragona.

Costa Dorada holidays: cultural heritage, nature and leisure

The Costa Dorada is a holiday destination where one visit is never enough. With so much to see and do, there’s always something to come back to. Beautiful beaches, natural parks, Roman monuments, medieval castles, delicious food and drink, sports of all kinds... And what better than being able to enjoy all this only a short distance from your property. If you are looking for a holiday home on the Costa Dorada, at INFINITUM you will find an unbeatable offer: exclusive apartments and luxury villas in a private resort with all manner of services at your fingertips. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page for more information.

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