Golden visa: the key for investors in Spain

Golden visa: the key for investors in Spain

Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors. Property investment has been on the rise in the country for several years, with steady growth from around 2014 to the present day. This has been driven by many factors including Spain’s pleasant climate, rich culture, excellent quality of life and growing economy. The Costa Dorada, or ‘golden coast’, is no exception to this trend. Its stunning natural landscapes and idyllic beaches are a huge pull for foreign property investors looking to buy second homes and/or invest in development and renovation projects on Spanish soil.

Its kilometres of golden sand beaches, crystalline waters, quaint coastal villages and plethora of tourist services and activities make the Costa Dorada an attractive place to invest in residential or holiday properties. Interested in buying a property on the Costa Dorada? Don’t miss out!


Spain: a foreign investment hub

In recent years, the Spanish property market has revealed a clear spike in demand for residential properties and luxury homes in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, as well as in various coastal destinations. Whether you’re looking for short or long-term investment opportunities, Spain offers a welcoming and dynamic environment for foreign investors, guaranteeing attractive economic returns and a truly exceptional lifestyle.

A clear example of the boom in foreign property investment can be found in the second residence and short-term rental property market. So, if you live abroad and you’re interested in purchasing a second residence in Spain, you should read up on the golden visa.

The golden visa is a residence visa granted to foreign investors who make a significant investment in Spain. One way to secure this visa is by investing in property such as housing, land or commercial premises. This investment must be of the minimum value established by law, which often depends on the specific type of investment.

While the requirements for obtaining a golden visa in Spain can vary from case-to-case, the general conditions are as follows:

Minimum investment: a minimum investment in Spanish property, companies, business projects or investment funds is required. The minimum amount varies depending on the type of investment, but this tends to be €500,000 for property investment.

Support funds: the applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to support themself and reside in Spain without relying on assistance from the state.

Criminal record certificate: criminal records from the applicant’s country of origin and from any other country where they have resided in the last five years are required.

Health insurance: the applicant must have public or private health insurance in Spain.

Regular trips to Spain: the applicant must visit Spain at least once during the visa application process in order to obtain it.

Investing in property on a luxury resort

Our exclusive resort offers a wide range of options for property investment on the Costa Dorada. INFINITUM boasts a range of high-end sustainable seafront properties and villas that blend into their stunning natural surroundings. Our architectural project has been awarded the prestigious BREEAM sustainability certificate, which guarantees that our properties are perfectly integrated into their natural environment.

Each of our luxury homes is equipped with cutting-edge technology, comprising a spacious and elegant design that meets the highest quality standards. Whether you’re looking for a second residence to enjoy on a seasonal basis or a new place to call ‘home’, our resort offers the lifestyle you’re looking for.

Besides the beauty and comfort of our apartments and villas, INFINITUM’s resort offers various personalised services to ensure a truly premium experience. Not only does it guarantee maximum security and privacy, but it also boasts a wide range of recreational and relaxation options, including gourmet restaurants, golf courses, an exclusive Beach Club and special activities ranging from wellness to sporting events.


At INFINITUM, you’re investing in both a luxury property and an unbeatable lifestyle. Come and experience a unique way of life at our charming resort on the Costa Dorada!

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to fill in the form at the bottom of this page so that we can send you everything that you need and, if you wish, arrange a visit to see the resort in person.

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