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Legal Notice

In accordance with Article 10 of the Information Society Services and e-Commerce Act 34/2002 of 11 June (with initials in Spanish LSSI-CE), we hereby provide you with the following information:

MEDITERRANEA BEACH & GOLF COMMUNITY, S.A.U., [hereinafter referred to as INFINITUM], owns the website infinitumliving.com, and acts as the exclusive operator and manager of the contents thereon, with registered offices on: C/ HIPÒLIT LÁZARO, S/N 43481 LA PINEDA (VILA-SECA), Tax ID Code (NIF) A58612904, recorded in the Companies Register of Tarragona, volume 2030, folio 106, sheet T-13239, entry 1, and is in charge of operating, managing and running the aforementioned website. If you wish to contact us, you can do so using the following email address: info@infinitumliving.com


This Disclaimer regulates the usage of this website. Access to this website is free of charge, notwithstanding the cost of using a telecommunications network provided by the supplier that users have contracted.


Any person who uses this website is deemed to be a user, this implies that they accept each and every one of the provisions contained in this Disclaimer, in the version published for INFINITUM at the very moment that such user accesses the website. As such, the user must carefully read this Disclaimer each time they decide to access the website, since it may be subject to modifications.


INFINITUM shall not be held liable for websites that are not its own or those of third parties which may be accessed via links, or any other content provided by third parties. If the user clicks on a link to access another website, they do it at their own risk. INFINITUM does not recommend or guarantee any information obtained from an external link other than the infinitumliving.com website, nor shall it be held liable for any losses, claims or damages caused by the use or misuse of a link, or the information obtained therefrom, including other links or websites, for any interruption in the services or access, or the use or misuse of a link, both when connecting to the infinitumliving.com website or when accessing information from other websites from this website.


INFINITUM will go as far as possible to avoid any errors in the content on this website.

INFINITUM takes the necessary measures and implements the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the security of the communication and transactions that take place on the website, in line with current state of the art and the type of transactions and services available for users.

INFINITUM shall not be held liable for any damage that may be caused to the users’ devices for any reasons external to or not imputable to this website, including but not limited to damage caused by interferences, omissions, interruptions, viruses, communications failures or disconnections in the operational functioning of the electronic system. Moreover, INFINITUM shall also not be held liable for any interruption, error or fault caused in the system due to problems with the network or servers connected.


The structure, design and presentation format of the elements (graphics, images, files, logos, colour combinations and any other element subject to protection) are covered by the intellectual property rights held by INFINITUM.

It is prohibited to reproduce, alter, distribute or publish any of the elements mentioned above, or use them in any other way, in part or in full. Any use of the elements must be done with express authorisation from INFINITUM and, in any case, there must be express mention of that the aforementioned intellectual property rights belong to INFINITUM.

The user is only authorised to make private use of the documents drawn up by INFINITUM. The user must abstain from deleting, altering, eluding or tampering with any protection mechanisms or security systems installed on the website under any circumstances.

It is not permitted to link or frame the “final pages” or any other similar manipulations, without express authorisation from INFINITUM. The links must always be to the homepage on infinitumliving.com

The distinguishing signs (brands, tradenames) owned by INFINITUM are protected by industrial property rights, and it is prohibited to use or alter any of these without express written authorisation from INFINITUM.


Security is a priority for INFINITUM; as such, we go as far as possible to ensure that our transaction processes are secure and that your personal information is protected.


INFINITUM will never send you an email or call you to ask you to reveal or confirm your account password, your account number, your credit card number or any other kind of personal information. If anyone contacts you, or you receive a spam email asking for any of the aforementioned data, do not reply and inform INFINITUM immediately so that we can investigate the incident.

IDENTIFY FAKE EMAILS ('spoofing' or 'phishing’ attempts)

Please ignore any emails that you receive asking for personal information or that redirect you to a page that isn't owned by INFINITUM, or companies within the same group, or that request payment by any means other than those authorised by INFINITUM, since this could be attempted identity theft ('spoofing' or 'phishing') and should be deemed fraudulent.

INFINITUM uses the domain name “infinitumliving.com” for its emails. If you receive an email with a different format, e.g., infinitum.security@hotmail.com, you can be sure that it is a fake email.

Some phishing emails contain links to websites that use the word "INFINITUM” in their URL but redirect you to a completely different website. If you hover the cursor over the link, you can see the URL used, which will probably have a different format to the ones that link to authentic INFINITUM websites.

If you click on a phishing email and are linked to a page that looks like a ‘My Account’ page or any other page that requests that you verify or modify your personal information, ignore it and assume that it is fraud.


Send an email to the email address info@infinitumliving.com and attach the email that you believe to be false. By sending us this information, you will help us to find out where it comes from. If you can’t attach the fake email, forward it to dpo@criteria.com, and tell us as much information as you can about it.


Buyers of products on this website are hereby informed that there is an online dispute resolution platform. In accordance with Article 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013: The European Commission has a dispute resolution platform which is available on the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ Consumers must submit their claims through the online dispute resolution platform.