Luxury remote working at INFINITUM

Luxury remote working at INFINITUM

Remote working is changing many people’s lives as it’s no longer necessary to live close to the office. They have the freedom to choose where they want to work from, which opens up a wide range of incredible opportunities. As a result, living close to the office is no longer one of the main influences when it comes to choosing a home, and it is now possible to prioritise factors like weather or quality of life, allowing you to live anywhere in the world. That’s why many people from all over the word are choosing Spain, and especially its coastal areas, to relocate. The country meets the most desired requirements of a workcation, which is when you work as if you were on holiday. At INFINITUM, we can give you more than a thousand reasons why you should choose our exclusive resort to work remotely in an unrivalled setting. Discover it!
That’s right, the Spanish Mediterranean coast is a destination that many choose for a change of scenery whilst they are working remotely. And it’s not only people from other countries that have considered changing address to take advantage of telecommuting. Many Spanish people have also decided to change address, looking for larger homes, with stunning views and a delightful garden, in peaceful and relaxing areas surrounded by nature.

Do you have the possibility of working remotely and are considering moving house? In this case, we present you with the irresistible option of INFINITUM, a private resort at the heart of the Costa Dorada.


Why should you choose the Costa Dorada to work remotely?

The Costa Dorada is well known all over the world for its magnificent beaches, its breath-taking landscapes, its good weather, its spectacular services and, most definitely, for its impeccable quality of life. Here are a few good reasons why you should choose it as your place to call home whilst you work remotely:

  • All the services are just a stone’s throw away. Health centres, education centres… there is a large number of excellent facilities and knowledgeable professionals to cover the needs of all the members of your family.
  • Excellent connections. It is well connected by land, sea and air. It’s only one hour from Barcelona and its international airport. It also has a high-speed railway, a motorway and various ports.
  • Good Internet connection. One of the most important things to think about when choosing the place you want to work from is that it has a good Internet connection.
  • It’s a great place to invest in real estate. A well-established holiday destination and a very attractive area to live in or to have a second home to work from remotely.
  • Warm, sunny days. The Mediterranean climate means that the temperature is pleasant throughout most of the year and that there is an abundance of sunny days, which is always the perfect incentive to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Surrounded by nature. In addition to its beautiful beaches, there are various natural parks close to the Costa Dorada. You can work remotely in the heart of nature.
  • Sports, leisure and much more. You will always find something to do.
  • Coworking. On the Costa Dorada, there are many fully equipped spaces where you can work and meet other professionals, if you prefer this style of remote working instead of working from home.


Remote working from a luxury resort on the Costa Dorada


If all of these reasons to live on the Costa Dorada have convinced you and you’re looking for a spacious, peaceful and elegant home with plenty of natural light, surrounded by nature with all services just a stone’s throw away, INFINITUM is the place for you. Feel privileged to be a part of a luxurious private resort where there is an amazing team working for your well-being; from the security team, which controls access to the resort and ensures that everything is in order 24/7, to those in charge of providing you with the different services that you will find scattered throughout the resort (golf course, restaurants, the Beach Club, gourmet shops, the gym...), in addition to the Resident Services office which will manage everything that you need. All of this in a spectacular environment, surrounded by pine trees and bordering the Mediterranean Sea. If you’re deciding to look for “your” place in the world to relax and work remotely… think about the Costa Dorada and choose INFINITUM.

Choose between exclusive apartments and luxury villas to find the home that best suits your needs. If you would like to know more, visit our “Residential” section and fill in the form that you will find at the end of the page so that one of our advisors can get in touch with you.

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